Scalp Care

Growing up, my hair was always my favourite asset.  When I starting getting Psoriasis, the first patch was on the back of my scalp, right at the bottom left.  It was in a spot that if I put my hair up, boom, there it was for the whole world to see.  Suddenly I wasn’t able to style my hair how I wanted.

For years, as the spots grew, I had to become more & more inventive of how I styled my hair to conceal the fact that I was different.  At first it was keeping my hair down… all the time.  Hot out?  Hair down.  Playing sports?  Hair down.  Got up let & have to rush to get ready?  Doesn’t matter, hair down.  Then I started getting spots on my forehead & I had to grow my bangs out to hide my forehead.  I was always so worried my hair would move & it would expose my secret.

Now that I share my “secret” and difference with the world around me, I don’t style my hair in a certain way to hide my spots.  I honestly don’t even think of them when I am styling my hair, they are just there! No longer a constant stress & worry.

My scalp is my least favourite part of having Psoriasis.  Between constant itching, constant flaking, and feeling like it is on fire I was dying to find something that worked well to have a healthy scalp.  Here are a few things that I do to take care of my scalp that I have perfected for myself over the years.  I hope tat least some of them can help you too!


First I use Denorex shampoo.  I put a generous amount onto my hands, & then place it directly on my scalp my separating the sections.  It is best to get directly on the scalp for best results.  I then work it in with my fingertips & let it sit for about 5 minutes.  After it has worked it’s magic I wash it out thoroughly to get my hair prepared for the next step.

I love Denorex because it helps to break up the plaques, SIGNIFICANTLY reduce flaking, and removes that burning itch. However, let me tell you something… it BURNS.  But honestly, at this point I anticipate the burn & embrace it!  I know it is working & that’s all that matters.  It doesn’t have the best smell, but it does the job.

Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Hydrating Shampoo

The nexts step might seem repetitive, as I have already washed my hair with the Denorex, however I find it helps for my actual hair & the health of the strands, rather than for my scalp alone.  I will wash my hair with the Marc Anthony Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo.  I feel it helps to hydrate my hair after the harsh burn of the Denorex.

Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Hydrating Conditioner

Last, I make sure to apply loooots of conditioner, I am always buying more conditioner than I am shampoo!  I love the Marc Anthony Argan Oil of Morocca conditioner, that goes hand-in-hand with the shampoo, as it is seriously the most nourishing conditioner I have ever used.

I will apply a generous amount to my ends and let that sit for about 5 minutes.  After that has sat, I apply a bit to my scalp to really help nourish the dryness.  Then I wash all of this out thoroughly with warm water.  I make sure not to use too hot of water to not dry out my scalp anymore than it already is.

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion

Last but not least, I apply some Aveeno lotion to the Psoriasis that is at the bottom of my hairline.  Hands down, favourite moisturizer ever.  It’s what I use on the entirety of my body actually, so I will apply everyone at the same time as I am for the bottom of my scalp.  It is super moisturizing, keeps hydrated for a long period, and smells good, too!


After all of these steps, my scalp it left almost flake free, burn free, itch free, and feeling super nourished with hair so soft… for a day or two at least!

Of course, there will always be different things that work for everyone, but if you are searching for new products or new ways of dealing with your itchy & burning scalp, try some of these out & let me know what you think!



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