Psoriasis Didn’t Crash Our Wedding

As many of you have seen on my Instagram, I married my best friend, Dean, July 14th, 2018.  What a magical day that truly was, with Psoriasis as a guest!

The time leading up to my wedding, I was in a full blown flare.  My joints were swollen & sore, my skin was super dry and scaly, and my energy was at an all time low.  Planning a wedding was taking everything out of me, but with the help of my awesome now husband, we made it through!

When I was younger, I often thought what it would look like on my wedding day.  Not what type of flowers, what my dress would look like, how my parents would be blubbering messes (along with myself) as I walked down the aisle.  I thought about how Psoriasis would play a role.  I wondered how I would feel at that time, would I show my skin?  Would I be comfortable in my skin?  Would I wear my hair down?  Would I wear a dress that covered my arms?  Would I be worried the whole time what everyone thought?

I am SO thankful when I got married that I was in such a happy place with the confidence of my skin that none of these questions mattered.  I wore what I wanted, had my hair done how I wanted, and didn’t think twice about how my skin looked.  The best part of this was either did our family & friends who attended our wedding.  They all loved me, for me, and accepted that my skin looked different than theirs, but that was okay!

When choosing a photographer for our wedding, I wanted make sure that it was someone who was comfortable with my Psoriasis as well, and was not afraid to have some shots that highlighted it as well.  We chose Kristyn Smith and she captured that feeling perfectly!

In the end, our day was perfectly us, and that’s exactly how we wanted it.  I can only hope, that if you have Psoriasis, it can play a role in your future wedding exactly how you are comfortable with it.  Whether that be showing it as I did, or having it play a smaller, and more quiet role.

Whatever way works best for you, I hope you have an amazing day!




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