All About Me

Hello!  I am Krista, and I am here to share my life with you, well… me & my roommate, Psoriasis.

First! Let me give you a quick overview of myself:

  • Canadian from Nova Scotia
  • Obsessed Wife
  • Psoriasis Warrior
  • Animal Lover
  • Potato Chip Enthusiast
  • Cat Mother
  • Believer of Equality

To dive a little deeper, I am a 25 year old from Nova Scotia, Canada.  I have had Psoriasis as a roommate, aka we share this body, except Psoriasis doesn’t pay rent…, since about 2005.

I have about 13 years experience attempting to live a “regular” life living with Psoriasis, and I’d love to share my journey, tips, hacks, and anything else I’ve learned and dealt with, and continue to learn and deal with!

Welcome to my life!