Television Interview with Global News

I was so fortunate to have been asked to participate in an interview with Global News here in Halifax.  I was interviewed by the lovely Rebecca Lau regarding a Psoriasis Support Group that I had been hoping to start here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Watch the video in the link below to see what we chatted about (bright & early at 7am!)

Psoriasis Journey – Learning to Accept the Skin I’m In

This is one of the blogs I wrote for Healthline talking about my experience learning to accept my skin and my body as it was with Psoriasis.  Psoriasis is no easy roommate to have, so there has been the occasional struggle!

My Psoriasis Made Me Braver: Here’s Why

Another blog I wrote for Healthline explaining how living with Psoriasis made me a braver person.

The Best (And Worst) Advice I’ve Gotten About PsA

Healthline asked me to contribute to some good and bad advice I’ve received for my Psoriatic Arthritis.  People just LOVE to give their unsolicited opinions, let me tell you!

3 PsA Mantras for the Bad Days

Tiny, quick little snippet I wrote regarding how I get through the bad days (this was one of my first submissions for Healthline, I was clearly too nervous to overshare!).